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New Year = Better Leads

Build Your Custom Lead List


Those $0.10 leads just don't work anymore.

We Can Help.

High bounce rates, inaccurate firmographic data, and off-the-shelf data points means that every B2B sales strategy has the same weak link: Data Quality.

Personalization should be easy. Customized leads from LeadGenius make all the difference. We've helped hundreds of B2B Sales Teams build custom lead lists with highly accurate, human-curated data. Sales Teams love our leads across dozens of industries, including:

  • Saas/Tech/Internet/Wireless/Information Technology
  • Advertising/Marketing/Media/Production/Broadcast/PR
  • Packing/Trucking/Shipping/Warehousing/Freight
  • Energy/Renewables/Solar/Oil
  • Manufacturing/Construction/Building Materials/Machinery
  • And more...


“LeadGenius helped us locate key customers by identifying verticals that work.”

Jackie Siegel, Business Development Manager




CREATE A TARGETED ACCOUNT LIST IN DAYS that everyone can agree on.

LeadGenius maps your total addressable market and finds the contacts that matter most. Using human intelligence and our propritary database, LeadGenius takes the guesswork out of lead generation   



Communicate with every contact on a personal level.

LeadGenius' built-in outreach software makes it easy to create and manage hyper-personalized email campaigns. LeadGenius uses real human researchers and machine learning to sort and analyze every response.



Measure and monitor engagement at your key accounts.

Easily track performance by account and A/B test custom variable fields at scale. Optimize personalization while tracking buying signals for the accounts that matter most.


We've taken what was once a month-long process and made it scalable in days.

“LeadGenius helped us locate key customers by identifying verticals that work.”

Jackie Siegel, Business Development Manager