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Get Better B2B Lead Generation, Guaranteed.
Test Your Target Market

Get real people searching the most sophisticated public and private databases for the lead information that matters to your business.

The LeadGenius platform maps your entire addressable market, including your target attendee lists, and engages them with hyper-personalized email campaigns. Responses are seamlessly tracked in your LeadGenius dashboard, and positive responses are funneled straight to your sales team's CRM.

Complete the form to get in touch with our B2B lead generationlead enrichment, and email prospecting specialists. We’ll let you know right away if your business is a good fit for LeadGenius.

Qualifying businesses are eligible for a free calibration with up to 10 of the highest quality LeadGenius leads at no cost.



Create a targeted account list in days, not months.

LeadGenius can map your entire addressable market using human intelligence and data from over 40M commercial websites, government registries, business directories and social networks.



Communicate with every contact on a personal level.

LeadGenius' built-in outreach software makes it easy to create and manage hyper-personalized email campaigns. LeadGenius uses real human researchers and machine learning to sort and analyze every response.



Measure and monitor engagement at your key accounts.

Easily track performance by account and A/B test custom variable fields at scale. Optimize personalization while tracking buying signals for the accounts that matter most.


“LeadGenius helped us locate key customers by identifying verticals that work.”

Jackie Siegel, Business Development Manager