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Download Your Marketo Summit Lead List


332 Marketo Summit Decision Makers and Key Contacts in a Simple CSV

Events can work wonders for speeding up pipeline velocity.

From new accounts at the top of the funnel, to contract negotiations and beyond, events have a unique ability to move qualified prospects through your sales funnel.

However, this added velocity comes with a tradeoff: manual data entry, sorting attendees, hunting for contact information -- hours of time better spent selling.

LeadGenius changes all that. This list is just a small example of what LeadGenius has to offer.

Fill out the form and we'll send you a list of 300 + Marketo Marketing Nation Summit sponsors + important contacts at each company. This list is enriched with the data points that matter such as number of salespeople, time in role, previous employersocial and more.

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Missing a contact that matches your ideal customer profile? Let us know and we'll build your list of decision makers for you.


Get Your enriched list of Marketo Summit Sponsors + Speakers

“LeadGenius helped us locate key customers by identifying verticals that work.”

Jackie Siegel, Business Development Manager